EJP Online Tuit​ion

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions I am regularly asked about the maths and English online tuition that I provide.

How do I book a lesson?

Call or email me to discuss your needs. We can then decide upon a mutually suitable day and time for the lesson, and generally we keep to that slot each week.

If my commitments change, can I change the time and day of the lesson?

Yes, absolutely! I reserve a few lesson slots each week specifically for this purpose. 

How do the online lessons work?

I work on Zoom where I share documents that can be edited/annotated by both the student and myself in real time. It's very easy to set up the lesson! I send you a link via email; you click on the link and then I admit you into the lesson. 

How do I pay for the lessons?

I ask for payment via bank transfer the day before the lesson. This payment then secures the lesson time/slot for the following day. I email my bank details along with my DBS number.

Is there a contract?

No, you are in control of how long you would like the lessons for. There is no need for me to tie anyone down, as I retain 100% of my students, I do not need to do this. 

Do you charge for cancelled lessons?

I DON'T ever charge for cancelled lessons! I would never charge for a lesson that I have not delivered. If you need to cancel a lesson, please give me plenty of notice.

I'm very worried about my son/daughter as they are really struggling and seem very down about it, Can you help?

I absolutely can! In our first lesson, I carry out an initial assessment. I then create an individual learning plan specific to their needs. Additionally, I regularly assess learning outcomes as we progress. This approach focuses on the student's needs and as they gain ability, they also gain confidence. This renewed confidence lifts their spirits and helps them to confidently achieve.

My son/daughter is very anxious. Can you help?

Yes, I can! I am very friendly and build a good rapport with all my students, putting them at ease so they enjoy learning. I am here to help and my students have always spoken very positively about their lessons with me; furthermore, they look forward to them.