EJP Online Tuit​ion

Online English Tuition

​English, just like maths is one of the very important core subjects. I provide quality SATs, Key Stage 3 and GCSE English tuition, online. I ensure my students understand all aspects outlined in the national curriculum: 


I initially assess all students. From there, I develop an individual learning plan that builds upon their knowledge, step by step. This ranges from learning: spelling, punctuation, grammar and reading comprehension for primary aged children, to analysing texts for GCSE students. Many GCSE students struggle with the elements involved at this stage. These barriers can easily be overcome, which then boosts the student's confidence and ability.

In preparation for the exams, we go through many practice questions and past papers to ensure familiarity. Using this approach, the student is excellently prepared and exam nerves are reduced. By the time the student takes the exam, be that for their SATs or GCSEs, it's second nature to them and they automatically do what's required.

My daughter was really struggling with English in year 9. After 2 months of English tuition with Emma, her teachers said she was improving. She is flying through year 10 now and we couldn't be happier. Her weekly lessons with Emma are invaluable!