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Maths can be confusing and frustrating at any stage when topics aren't fully understood. Then, when another topic is also introduced and not fully understood, the student can lose their motivation completely. Understandably, they feel overwhelmed and lost with the subject. Sadly, the student gives up!

I can help to correct these feelings of defeat. Firstly, I carry out a full assessment, this then enables me to find the gaps in knowledge, and a starting point. I then build upon the student's knowledge, step by step. This builds the student's confidence and sense of ease with the subject. The student then feels a great sense of achievement and satisfaction, knowing that they can do it. Furthermore, at last, they enjoy maths!

I ensure that knowledge is retained by breaking down learning into steps that are easy to follow, repeat and remember. I keep my students on track for their academic year by following the maths curriculum:


I provide quality SATs, Key Stage 3 and GCSE (foundation tier) maths tuition. Students who have failed their GCSE maths exams, sometimes many times, come to me and after a period of tuition, pass. Exams are unnerving and to ease this, I prepare the student fully. I ensure all topics are fully understood and well practiced. Then, together we work through many exam style questions and past/practice papers; the exam papers then feel very familiar for the student. This results in a student who is able, prepared and confident. The perfect recipe for exam success!

Emma has been teaching our daughter since primary school. Our daughter absolutely hated maths. She is now in year 8 and is doing really well. We had other tutors before, but they didn't help at all. Emma has a real knack with our daughter and we highly recommend her.